I’ve created my strategy but how do I make the changes that will successfully implement it?

I need to engage my team through a time of change. How can I do that?

We need behaviours and mind-sets to change in our organisation. How can we make that shift?

I need to improve my team’s performance. What change needs to happen to do this?


Change Management

As a change management consultancy our mission is to support leaders with tackling complex business challenges that require change. We do it by using a people led approach so the change lasts and transforms a business.


Transforming to a Key Account Organisation. To win long-term customer commitment and market share

For decades the pharma industry has pursued Key Account Excellence so that stronger, long-term and more meaningful relationships with a wider range of customers exist. The hard reality though is few have attained it. This guide highlights why this is the case and shares a new, proven methodology that will enable its fulfilment.

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People and Culture Change

We work with leaders to change a culture when the current beliefs and behaviours don’t support the future direction of an organisation. Our change management consultants do this by using a practical approach that enables change at an employee and team level.


How to build a high performing team (top tips)

Our change consultants offer insight on building a resilient team culture that sustains performance even during times of pressure and change.

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Performance Measurement

Our consultants deliver change to transform businesses. To do this, we measure the change delivered so leaders can see progress, evidence results to date and gain visibility of where even more can be done to further boost performance.


Evidence based leadership

How to build and lead a high-performance organisation to support the effective execution of your business strategy.

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What we do

See the woods for the trees

We are a change management consultancy.

We take on leaders’ complex business challenges that require a change. We then use a people-led approach to deliver a lasting transformation that we measure.

the amount of change a business leader will need to make in a single year to fulfil their strategic goals.
of leaders’ strategies fail, because of the complexity in bridging the gap between strategy creation and implementation.


Our change management consultants share their knowledge through bespoke workshops and programmes – supporting you in managing change. Bespoke workshops and programmes: building your knowledge to manage change.

I believe all of the team gained a lot from the Resilience Programme, which we will take back and use to improve our performance. It was really great that you were able to guide us and encourage us to question each other, as well as letting us have discussions. Thank you so much, I look forward to working with you again.

Team Manager, UK Business Intelligence, UK Business Intelligence

Team resilience workshop

How does your organisation manage change? Are they able to deal with it effortlessly? Or do they get stuck and struggle navigate through it? Our Resilience Workshop helps leaders boost team performance and ability in managing organisational change how and when it happens - ultimately ensuring that an organisation continues to move forward.

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I’d highly recommend PuMP. Most companies jump straight to trying to come up with ways to measure performance without understanding why they are doing it. PuMP takes you through a process that creates the foundations for determining how measurement should be developed and how to get the right buy-in across an organisation. I wonder how many times measurement fails because it has no basis for existing - lots in my experience. PuMP will help you land it first time!

Simon Brown, Networks Business Controller, Severn Trent Water, Severn Trent Water

PuMP® workshop

Our two day PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint workshop is a methodology founded by Stacey Barr. It will help you redesign the way you measure organisational performance. Equipping you with the right KPI’s that will enable you to make easier, faster and better informed decisions.

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PuMP is the most accessible and common-sense system I have come across, which even at an early stage of implementation is demonstrating real benefits. The workshop provided by Rubica is comprehensive and led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers, with ‘real-world’ experience. The course and the subsequent support of the trainers has given me more confidence in developing our own performance measurement strategy.

Graeme Henderson, Business Intelligence Officer, Scottish Social Services Council, Scottish Social Services Council

PuMP® Immersion Day

If you've already attended the PuMP® Performance Measure Blueprint Workshop, the 'PuMP® Immersion Day' could be perfect for you. It focuses on applying the Stacey Barr PuMP®  methodology to your own organisations strategy.

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