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About our performance measurement workshop

Our performance measurement workshop – referred to as PuMP® – has been designed by Stacey Barr a performance measure specialist.

The PuMP® performance measurement workshop focuses on helping you redesign the way you measure organisational performance. Equipping you with the right KPI’s that will enable you to make easier, faster and better informed decisions.

Performance measurement workshop: the benefits

Stacey Barr’s 8 step PuMP® methodology is an accredited workshop proven to support organisations in:

  • How to use performance measurement to drive big organisational improvements
  • Highlighting what good measurement looks like
  • Making a strategy measureable and results focused
  • Developing meaningful, relevant measures that can be bought into
  • Effectively implement measures that have been designed
  • Interpreting performance measures and the best response(s) to each of them
  • How to use performance measurement to drive big organisational improvements

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Why performance measurement design is so important

Organisations around the world inherently struggle to measure their performance, this struggle encompasses:

  • finding meaningful, results-oriented measures
  • getting true buy-in to measuring performance
  • aligning measures to a strategy
  • measuring what are regarded as intangible goals
  • having measures that make clear the right action to take
  • using measures that drive improvement and support the fulfilment of targets

Performance measurement workshop: our approach

Rubica are accredited partners of Stacey Barr, and using her performance measurement PuMP® methodology we help organisation measure their performance better. We do this through our 2 day PuMP® workshop which covers:

  • Section 1: The common issues when measuring performance: the common issues and misconceptions associated to measuring performance within an organisation.
  • Section 2: The purpose of measurement: using a sophisticated diagnostic tool we assess the current measurement culture within your organisation.
  • Section 3: A look at why it is hard to measure the right things and how to test if a strategy is measurable enough.
  • Section 4: Defining meaningful measures: we will produce measures that are meaningful, relevant, and easy for people in your organisation to understand and engage with.
  • Section 5: Building buy-in: we will look at techniques that generate engagement with measuring performance throughout your organisation.
  • Section 6: Implementing measures: we look to specify exactly how each performance measure should be implemented, and start building a framework that is relevant to your organisation.
  • Section 7: Reporting on performance measures: A look at why so many performance reports fail, and how to use the PuMP® Report Design technique to quickly and easily produce performance reports that answer fundamental questions.
  • Section 8: Preparing for a successful PuMP® implementation: How to choose, create and use your first meaningful performance measures to bring quick success.

Performance measurement workshop: results

PuMP is the most accessible and common-sense system I have come across, which even at an early stage of implementation is demonstrating real benefits. The workshop provided by Rubica is comprehensive and led by enthusiastic and knowledgeable trainers, with ‘real-world’ experience. The course and the subsequent support of the trainers has given me more confidence in developing our own performance measurement strategy.

Graeme Henderson, Business Intelligence Officer, Scottish Social Services Council

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I’d highly recommend PuMP. Most companies jump straight to trying to come up with ways to measure performance without understanding why they are doing it. PuMP takes you through a process that creates the foundations for determining how measurement should be developed and how to get the right buy-in across an organisation. I wonder how many times measurement fails because it has no basis for existing - lots in my experience. PuMP will help you land it first time!

Simon Brown, Networks Business Controller, Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Water