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Written and published by Sophie Brooks
Marketing & Communications Manager

Managing the change to transform into a Key Account Organisation

On the 24th March two of our change management consultants headed to Barcelona to present at the world’s largest gathering of pharmaceutical executives - Eyeforpharma

They covered a topic that has preoccupied pharmaceutical companies for over 20 years – how to achieve key account ‘excellence’ in the way their most critical accounts are managed and attain a high degree of influence in a hugely complex value chain.

KAM Excellence is an ‘ideal’ that ultimately seeks to combine sales, access and medical expertise to have relationship-creating conversations with customer networks in order to build partnerships.  These conversations seek to shift the focus from price to value and create a more effective, long-term and mutually beneficial collaboration (see Fig.1) with the ‘new’ types of customer that pharmaceutical companies are serving: a payer network who don’t prescribe, but have significant power in influencing the buying decision.

Customer Perception Ladder Updated

Our change management consultants have witnessed many pharmaceutical companies pursuing ‘excellence’ whilst  remaining frustrated at the lack of progression towards business partnering with key accounts.  This is because this approach is no longer enough to drive a competitive  position in highly governed customer accounts. This dissatisfaction has led to Rubica developing a proven methodology – the Key Account Organisation (KAO):

“Rubica provided an end to end change solution that supported me in analysing the capability gaps in countries; putting in place a change strategy that would bridge those gaps; and implementing measures to link that change with external outcomes. It is very rare to find an organisation that combines Key Account Management expertise with organisational change and performance measurement. Rubica fulfil all those areas”.

Huw Watkins, formerly Head of Key Account Management, Novartis, now Senior Director KAM, AZ

This short video shares the insights that our change management consultants presented at Eyeforpharma around KAO – addressing 3 fundamental areas:

  1. The pursuit of KAM Excellence – why it hasn’t worked to date
  2. What is actually required to attain ‘excellence’ – transforming to a Key Account Organisation
  3. The 3 critical success factors for enabling a Key Account Organisation

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About our Eyeforpharma presenters

Headshot Template Miranda

Miranda Wheatley Price, Director of Organisational Change & Excellence

Miranda co-founded the Key Account Organisation methodology. She works around the world; helping leaders and teams to develop strategies, cultures and structures that support them during times of growth and change.

With an MSc in Organisational Change from Ashridge Business School, Miranda has a real passion for organisational change, and her career reflects this – holding senior management positions in Siemens UK, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and Proctor & Gamble (P&G).

Headshot Template Caroline

Caroline Gosling, Director of Culture & Engagement

Caroline has a wealth of experience and an impressive track record that has seen her successfully lead various communication, employee engagement and marketing strategies. In recent years she has held senior leadership roles at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) and led on a number of significant business transformations. Before GSK, Caroline headed the communications practice at Virgo HEALTH - a global healthcare consultancy.

Caroline is Director of Culture and Engagement at Rubica. Her work sees her supporting leaders to create organisational understanding, belief and the behavioural shifts that are necessary for change to happen and last so it transforms a business.