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Our task

  • To review the pre-existing brand and launch plans associated to key diagnostic products and medicines.
  • Challenge current processes and thinking around performance measurement for diagnostic devices.
  • To offer performance measurement expertise and solutions that will better support the pilot and launch of diagnostic devices.
  • Facilitate web meetings that will bring teams together to create KPI’s that are robust and aligned to a successful product launch.
  • Co-create Key Results Maps* that are based on strategic goals and present a cause and effect logic map of key results associated to the success of a pilot and launch.
  • To work with the global brand directors to create a templated solution that supports the pilot and launch of diagnostics tools in different global markets.

*Results map – a summary that gives you clarity on the cause and effect relationship of your performance measures and how they are effecting the fulfilment of your strategy.

The results

  • Clear alignment and agreement on what success looks like for the pilot and launch success of diagnostic devices.
  • A defined process and methodology for KPI creation that supports the pilot and launch phases of diagnostic devices.
  • Capability development with key project support leads to develop clearly defined KPI’s that detail ‘what success looks like’.
  • A renewed recognition for the importance of KPI’s, the focus on process owners plus how to design and select effective KPI’s.

The key benefit to our global team was that the Rubica process challenged our assumptions and built consensus about what we were truly trying to accomplish. What we needed to measure to drive success then quickly became clear so that we don’t need to repeatedly revisit the same discussions. Although the process is tried and true, Paul gave us a lot of flexibility in how we applied the thinking, which created a lot of internal ownership for the project.

Heather Stevens, Global Brand Director, Novartis

Global Brand Director, Novartis

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