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A tool for change management planning

ChangeTrak™ is a secure online tool that supports leaders to effectively manage change. Developed by our change management consultants, it provides an accessible change management plan that helps leaders to activate, track and measure the impact of the change they are seeking to make.

How ChangeTrak™ supports change management planning

ChangeTrak™ enables leaders to better plan and manage change because of two critical components:

  • It breaks down the complexity of change, so it is manageable and digestible – instantly making the change more understandable and accessible for all. 
  • It translates the ambition of a change into an actionable plan so it can be implemented effectively.

It does this through key change planning functionality: 

6 Steps Change Trak

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Rubica’s expertise in organisational change, combined with the ability to balance both the emotional and operational aspects of change, has enabled us to navigate with foresight and confidence into a major new phase in our company’s future.

Sarah Mathew, President, Golin

Global Healthcare Practice, Golin