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Full workshop price POA | Duration: 1-3 days

What you will learn from the Evidence Based Leadership workshop:

The Evidence Based Leadership workshop was developed by Stacey Barr, founder of the PuMP® Performance Measurement Blueprint workshop

The workshop is designed to support leaders gain insight not on how to lead, but what to lead by: 

  • Setting a measurable strategy
  • Building measures that focus on what matters, so it supports strategy execution
  • Effectively interpreting and responding to measurement information to support continuous improvement and strategic progression

In doing this, leaders will be equipped to inspire high-performance in their own team(s), so:

  • Everyone owns the strategy
  • The right things get done
  • Everyone turns failure into success

Evidence Based Leadership workshop format:

Section 1: Evidence Based Leadership is how we create a high-performance culture and measurable success.

Evidence Based Leadership (EBL) gives a practical framework to ease the tension of transparency and accountability and create the culture that can learn, strive and achieve high performance.

Section 2: High-performance rests on the foundation of a measurable strategy.

Direction is about articulating a well-designed strategy, that is results-oriented, understandable to everyone, and ruthlessly prioritised.

Section 3: Proper measurement is the gravity that holds EBL together.

Evidence is about setting meaningful performance measures for each strategic goal, that are quantitative, aligned to what matters, and focused on improvement.

Section 4: High-performance is defined by high-leverage results.

Execution is about getting the corporate strategy implemented and the strategic goals achieved, using the leverage found in continuous improvement of business processes.

Section 5: A culture of high-performance begins with ownership.

Inspiring decision is all about helping people take ownership for the results that matter, by role-modelling ownership, getting their buy-in and giving them a clear line of sight to the corporate strategy.

Section 6: A high-performance culture is obsessed about continually closing performance gaps.

Inspiring action is about helping people get the right things done to close performance gaps, through a focus on cause analysis, practicality and collaboration.

Section 7: The competitive edge of high-performance organisations is the speed at which they test and tune.

Inspiring learning is about helping people find the fastest and cheapest way to close performance gaps, by adopting an experimental mindset, learning from failure, and iterating to success.

Section 8: Summary.

A review of the framework that’ll enable you to become an evidence based leader and build a high-performance organisation.

The workshop that you ran was a revelation - truly. Simply put, the single most important question that I took away was when you asked: ‘What do you define as success for the organisation?’ Well I've got to say that question took me about two or three days to answer properly. As a result, it's strengthened the focus in our organisation about what matters most.

Todd MacDougall, CEO, Corcom

Meet our Evidence Based Leadership workshop facilitators

Our workshops are taught by certified performance measurement specialists – they've worked with hundreds of companies in helping them develop and improve their performance measures. When they aren't running the workshop they are working with companies on designing and implementing performance measurement solutions.

180316 Rubica 9

Paul Frith, Director of Performance Measurement & Analytics

Paul is a specialist in performance measurement and analytics; a specialism that he has applied to the world of organisational change following a realisation: organisations want and need to understand the results of a change and where opportunity exists to drive additional change and further improve performance.

Paul’s success in performance measurement has seen him take roles in prolific performance measurement and analytics organisations, including Managing Director at itelligence Analytics UK and CEO of Blueprint Management Systems.

As co-founder and Director of Performance Measurement & Analytics at Rubica, Paul leads all of our performance measurement work and integrates it into our change management programmes.

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