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Performance measurement consulting

Our performance measurement work is integral to creating focus, demonstrating progress and presenting what return our change management programmes generate. But, our work in performance measurement consulting does more. Through our tried and tested performance measurement techniques and methodologies we enable organisations to achieve their strategic goals.

We do this by supporting organisations to develop prioritised results and performance measures (KPIs) that give direct evidence of whether strategic goals are being achieved or not. It is through these measures that, an organisation gains a workforce that is focused, engaged and committed to fulfilling a strategy as they understand it and know how they are supporting its fulfilment.

Good performance measurement: the benefits

The benefits of our performance measurement consulting work can be summarised in a simple equation:

(p + c + p) x m = isp

(Process + Culture + People) x Methodology = Improved Strategic Performance

Ultimately our performance measurement work enables organisations around the world to:

5 Benefits Of Pm

Learn more about the benefits of having the right performance measures. Download our performance measurement brochure.

Performance measurement: our approach

We use a tried and tested performance measurement methodology to support all our work – a methodology know as the PuMP performance measurement blueprint, founded by Stacey Barr

7 Steps Of Pm 4

To support our performance measurement work, we also apply ChangeTrak – an interactive tool designed by our change management and performance measurement consultants. This sophisticated tool helps leaders to plan activate and track any performance measurement initiative to ensure it delivers what was intended.  

Performance measurement training

Our performance measurement consulting work is complemented by our performance measurement training, referred to as the PuMP performance measurement blueprint workshop – founded by performance measurement expert, Stacey Barr – Rubica is Stacey Barr’s UK & EU certified PuMP partner. 

The key benefit to our global team was that the Rubica process challenged our assumptions and built consensus about what we were truly trying to accomplish. What we needed to measure to drive success then quickly became clear so that we don’t need to repeatedly revisit the same discussions. Although the process is tried and true, Paul gave us a lot of flexibility in how we applied the thinking, which created a lot of internal ownership for the project.

Heather Stevens, Global Brand Director, Novartis

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