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Corporate culture consulting

Our culture change consultants work with organisations when current beliefs and behaviours don’t support the future direction of the organisation. 

Through the application of our proven methodology (the Culture Change Canvas) and expertise of our culture change consultants, we help organisations to resolve the cultural challenge that is deterring people engagement, morale and results. Such challenges could include: 

  • “We want our employees to have greater accountability and focus on results.”
  • “We need to boost morale and energy within teams.”
  • “We want our employees to act with greater empowerment.” 
  • “We need to support our leaders to build higher performing teams.”
  • "How do we build a customer-centric culture?"

What our culture change consultants will achieve

Our work in culture change has seen us work with organisations around the world - helping them to positively transform both team and corporate cultures to deliver greater engagement, morale and commercial results.

Our culture change consultants will work with you by applying our Culture Change Canvas - a framework that offers:

5 Benefits Of Ccc

Learn more about the benefits of using our Culture Change Canvas. Download the brochure.

Our approach to culture change

By using our Culture Change Canvas, our culture change consultants will provide you with a clear approach and roadmap that will tackle your cultural challenge:

Ccc Approach

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Rubica are a trusted partner to the Celgene UK lead team; they have worked in collaboration with us on a culture change project. We would recommend their specialism and partnership to support organisational performance.

Wim Souverijns, UK General Manager, Celgene

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Celgene was faced with competition from new challengers in the market, the organisation called on Rubica to help it sustain and strengthen its high-performing culture through a bespoke people and culture change programme.

Rubica supported us in a critical culture change project that was fundamental to our business’ progression. Guiding us through their robust and interactive Culture Change Canvas, Rubica built understanding around our beliefs and behaviours and how they were positively and negatively influenced our culture. Rubica’s approach was collaborative, went across functions and offered a series of digestible ‘building blocks’ that supported us in shifting our culture to an increasingly positive space that was built on our cultural strengths. Because of Rubica’s work, we’ve already seen improvements in key areas of our business. We are now building on this by applying performance measures to our culture change road map to enable further progression, focus and to celebrate success. We’d recommend Rubica to any company who needs to make a change or build a positive culture.

Dan Sherwen, Head of Organisational Quality and Improvement, Bluechip Technology

BlueChip Technologies