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Change management consulting

Our change management consultants help leaders to tackle complex business challenges that require a change to happen in their operation. They won’t prescribe change, instead they will work with leaders to define the change and the best way to make it happen. 

On building this understanding, we’ll look to deliver change by cutting across 4 key areas:

  1. People & culture – a business can’t change unless its people and culture are on-board. We will look at the best way to achieve this by applying our Culture Change Canvas – an approach that addresses change from a leader, team and employee perspective.
  2. Performance measures – we’ll develop and apply performance measures so leaders can see the progress of change, evidence results and gain visibility of where even more can be done to further boost performance.
  3. Change plan – a pragmatic plan that effectively delivers change via an agile approach. 
  4. Communication and engagement - runs throughout our work. It looks to inform, involve and engage everyone throughout the change to create shared ownership and a sense of accountability.

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Our approach to change management

We don't prescribe change. Instead we look to understand a business' challenge and where they want to 'get to'. Once this is defined, we use a 4-step approach that collaboratively delivers a measurable change. 

Cm Approach

Rubica has worked with us on changing KAM mind-set, a crucial aspect of KAM high performance. This is supported by their in depth research on this subject. They successfully facilitated a series of workshops based on peer review, using this process to create an honest dialogue with teams on what deep set barriers individuals were holding which prevented their ability to move forward into ‘partner-partner’ conversation with customers.

Rob Brooks, KAM Regional Manager, Almirall

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